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MTPress specializes in offset and print on demand (POD) printing of photographic art books. With sheet-fed offset (lithography), web, and POD, we can handle printing from one copy to millions. We offer the following solutions:

Print Brokering: If you are an experienced publisher and would like for MTPress to provide printing only solutions, we would love to work with you on your next project\projects. We print exclusively in South Korea and our projects are quoted DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) to your destination. Let us give you a quote for your next project.

Custom Publishing: If you have an idea, we can work with you as the designer and printer for your project. If you already have a designer, we can work directly with them to ready your project for press and provide the printing.

Services provided when using our offset lithography and POD solution:

Proofing & Color

Hi-Resolution Certified Color Proofing G7 ISO 12647-2 available for Coated & Uncoated Papers, utilizing the latest GMG technology.

  Our printer is a G7 Master Qualified Printer. The G7 Master standard is a facility qualification provided by Idealliance. This qualification demonstrates that a printing facility has calibrated its equipment to G7 requirements. Three levels of compliance include the fundamental G7 Grayscale, G7 Targeted, and the most stringent: G7 Colorspace.

Digital and wet proofing are available. Follow this link for more Proofing Information.

Design Consultation

We can provide guidance in performing CMYK color separations, as well as creating the final print ready PDF. It is imperative to use printer specific CMYK ICC profiles for color separations and proper procedures when outputting the final print ready PDF for print.

Printing Consultation

We can provide guidance on the best processes for your printing project, including paper and finishing choices.

We offer AGFA Apogee Sublima XM high resolution screening technology. Apogee Sublima raises print quality significantly. Apogee Sublima lets our press easily hold a 1 to 99% dot at higher frequencies, allowing it to capture the finest details, and produce the most vibrant of colors.

Sublima uses a patented technology known as XM (Cross Modulation) to achieve line-screen rulings of up to double from what are typically used today. It combines the benefits of AM (Amplitude Modulated) screening, which are smooth gradations and highly controllable midtones, with the benefits of FM (Frequency Modulated aka. Stochastic) screening: fine detail rendering in shadows and highlights and continuous-tone-like reproduction. It aligns FM dots along AM paths and replaces AM dots at the precise point where the AM dot can no longer be held on a specific press.

The result is a smooth transition from one mode to the other with no visible crossover. Sublima also takes press characteristics into account so that it will never produce a dot the press cannot hold. As a result, every detail gets printed. Process tints, fine lines, even delicate typefaces print like solids using four-color process. Flesh tones are perfectly smooth and color accurate.

Because Sublima can hold the tiniest microdot on press, enlarging or reducing images have no effect on quality or the ability to sustain details. This also widens the variety of papers that you can use at high line rulings: from high-gloss coated stocks to translucent vellums.



Color Management System

X-Rite Automation Color Calibration Chart Reader

X-Rite Plate Scope

GMG Software Solution (Color Server, InkOptimizer, Proof Control, Color Proof, etc.)

Plate and Proofing

CTP N8 50

CTP N8 90

HP Z3200 InkJet Printer 12 Color (44 Inch)

RIP (Raster Image Processor)


FTP Server 3 sets | Web Approval System

APOGEE Portal (3TB, 10M-100M)

Litho Sheet Fed Press:

Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-10-P - 10 color + In-line Perfecting Device

Roland R706-LV Evolution 3B Press - 6 color + In-line Cold Foiler Capacity

Roland R705-3B - 5 color

Heidelberg EXCEL XL105-8 - 8 color

Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105-5 - 5 color

POD Systems:

FUJI Xerox Iridesse™ Production Press

HP Indigo Press 5500

Versant 80 Press


Horizon Bookbinder BQ-470

Pioneer-5000 G20F50 Thermal Laminating Machine

Polar Computerized Cutter 115 EMC, 137 EMC


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